I am Greg Virtucio. A photographer based in Antipolo, Philippines. This is my photography website and photoblog, GV Pix.
Most photos were shot with a Sony Nex 5r, Nex-6, A6000, A6500, A7rII and A7rIII. I also have a Fuji X-T1 and X-Pro1, but I rarely use them.
The photos are not in chronological order. Some were taken recently, some were years ago. I am just too timid to upload them on time.
Greg Virtucio Photography

I am not a professional photographer. No plans of being one. I just love taking pictures. Don't expect great photos here. Just some photos of random things I see.
I go by the username of @gvirtucio at Instagram.
Visit my personal webpage if you want to know more about me.
A Little History

GV Pix started around 2011 as GV Blog (gvblog.com), my first blog. First hosted it with WordPress, then Tumblr, then a self-hosted WordPress, then finally settled with Blogger.
A year after, I decided I wanted to create a separate photoblog for my photos, GV Pix. I first set it up with Tumblr, then moved it to WordPress, then Blogger, then moved it back to Tumblr.
I then had a realization. Writing was something I did not enjoy. So, I merged the two blogs.
I was happy with Tumblr. Photo resolution was great, and it was pretty easy to use. I bought a template that I liked. But then, I simply stopped posting my photos online. I am not sure why. I stopped posting on Instagram, Flickr and GV Pix. I still took photos, but for 2 and a half years, I did not post any photos.
It was only 5 months ago, that I started sharing photos again with Instagram, but I was decided to leave Tumblr for a more personal photoblog.
I checked out Squarespace, Smugmug, 22slides, Format, Pixieset and Zenfolio. I wanted a site where I can post my photos and share private photos with my friends and family.
Now, I share my private photos and post my photos publicly thru Adobe Portfolio, where this website is hosted.
Hopefully, I am finally settled here.
#gvpix #sonyalpha
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